Not Your Typical Polypropylene

Enhanced polypropylene solutions meticulously engineered for PS replacement in thermoformed & form-fill-seal dairy products packaging:

Tried polypropylene before in your form-fill-seal dairy products packaging? That was the polypropylene the past - this is the polypropylene of the future!

Download your info sheet to learn how ICPG's XPP Polypropylene Solutions for dairy products packaging solutions check the box on key material replacement requirements for thermoformed & form-fill-seal packaging including:

  • Optimized performance with enhanced oxygen & moisture barrier protection before use of EVOH 
  • Controlled cost, improved efficiencies & increased output vs PS & PET alternatives
  • Maintains key packaging function of current PS solutions - including "snap-ability"
  • Improved sustainability & recyclability using RIC #5
  • Compliant with Proposition 65 guidelines
  • Compatible with existing FFS equipment & processes for drop-in PS replacement

Download the product sheet and see for yourself!



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