XPP Cups Solutions Sheet

Time for a High-Performance, Sustainable Solution

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Faced with mounting public pressure & increasing regulatory remands, food packaging companies across the globe are seeking to replace problematic & non-recyclable materials like barrier & non-barrier PS and barrier/opaque PET in their cup packaging. 

XPP allows companies to maintain all of the positive processing, mechanical & performance attributes of current solutions in the form of a more affordable, sustainable & recyclable alternative to PS & PET materials.

Download the solutions sheet to learn why XPP is the ideal solution for thermoformed & form-fill-seal cup applications.

Download The XPP Cup Solutions Sheet to learn about:

  • Performance attributes and customization options for pods & capsule applications
  • Cost savings opportunities & increased resource efficiency vs PS & PET alternatives
  • Life Cycle Analysis & recycling attributes vs PS & PET alternatives
  • Technical data & mechanical attributes of XPP for thermoformed & FFS cup applications

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Our Solution

We created our unique solution with three key things in mind. 

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Drive quality packaging solutions that will meet even the most stringent specifications. 

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Surpass expectations with cutting-edge manufacturing that meet rigorous safety standards.
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From concept to commercialization - we're here for you and your team throughout the whole journey.

Download The XPP Cup Solutions Sheet