Not Your Typical Polypropylene

Enhanced polypropylene solutions meticulously engineered for PS replacement in thermoformed & form-fill-seal food packaging

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Tried polypropylene before in your form-fill-seal packaging applications? That was the polypropylene of the past - this is the polypropylene of the future!

Download your product sheet to learn how ICPG's XPP Polypropylene Solutions check all the boxes on key performance, processing & sustainability requirements for thermoformed & FFS food packaging including: 

  • Enhanced barrier protection for refrigerated to shelf-stable products
  • Reduced cost vs PS & PET alternatives
  • "Snap-able" for multi-pack applications
  • Recyclable (RIC #5)
  • Reduced carbon footprint vs PS & PET
  • Free from problematic materials
  • Compatible with existing FFS equipment & tooling 

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Our Solution

We created our unique solution with three key things in mind. 

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Drive quality packaging solutions that will meet even the most stringent specifications. 

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Surpass expectations with cutting-edge manufacturing that meet rigorous safety standards.
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From concept to commercialization - we're here for you and your team throughout the whole journey.

Download your product sheet to learn about ICPG's XPP Polypropylene Solutions