Not Your Typical Polypropylene

Enhanced polypropylene solutions meticulously engineered for PS replacement in thermoformed & form-fill-seal food packaging:

form fill seal yogurt custom color

Tried polypropylene before in your form-fill-seal dairy products packaging? That was the polypropylene the past - this is the polypropylene of the future!

Download your product sheet to learn how ICPG's XPP Polypropylene Solutions check all the boxes on key material replacement requirements for thermoformed & FFS food packaging including: 

    • Optimized performance with enhanced oxygen & moisture barrier protection before use of EVOH 
    • Controlled cost, improved efficiencies & increased output vs PS & PET alternatives
    • Maintains key packaging function of current PS solutions - including "snap-ability"
    • Improved sustainability & recyclability using RIC #5
    • Compliant with Proposition 65 guidelines
    • Compatible with existing FFS equipment & processes for drop-in PS replacement

    Download the product sheet and see for yourself!