XPP for PS Replacement

Fulfill Key Material Replacement Initiatives with Drop-in PP Solutions

The global demand for plastic waste reduction and more sustainable packaging solutions, coupled with health and safety concerns as a result of Proposition 65, have resulted in widespread initiatives to replace polystyrene - the favored material for Form-Fill-Seal processing - in food packaging applications. 

But what if a solution existed that maintained all of the positive attributes of current materials:

        • Processing
        • Function
        • Barrier Protection
        • Quality
        • Cost

But in the form of a more sustainablerecyclable product that offered a drop-in solution compatible with existing systems & processes?

With ICPG's XPP™ we can now offer a revolutionary mono-material polypropylene solution that checks all of the boxes to provide the perfect PS replacement solution for thermoformed and form-fill-seal food packaging applications, from yogurt multi-packs, to single-serve creamers, to pudding cups, portion control condiments & dips, shelf-stable beverages, snack packs and more.

Sound too good to be true?

View the XPP Photo Gallery below to see for yourself!

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Learn more about the attributes of this revolutionary new material including:

  • Inherent barrier enhancements for extended shelf-life potential
  • Key performance improvements for thermoforming & FFS processes including "snapability"
  • Low carbon footprint attributes and improved recyclability

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